Well, testing went well…

Well, my testing today went pretty good.  I did really well on the reading comprehension part, which I should have considering how much I read.  I scored a 93 on that part.

I didn’t do as well on the sentence skills part.  I only scored an 87.  Now I have to take a beginner English class, which is fine, before I can do college English.  I think I’m more comfortable doing that anyway, since it has been a while since I’ve been in school.

The math part of the test I totally bombed.  I only got a 52 on that.  Boy, general math has really changed in the last 17 or so years.  There was stuff on that test that I had no clue about.  So now, I have to start out with a general Math class.  I am actually relieved about that, because like I said, there was stuff on the test I had no idea how to do.  Now, I’ll know how to do it.

All in all, I’m proud of how I did.  I’m starting to get excited about going back to school.  I was kind of dreading it, but not now.  This is going to be a great new adventure for me and I’m excited.  I know that GOD has great things  in store for me, I just have to follow his will.

Well, I’ll quit rambling now.


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